• AI is the new Electricity

    ...meet the new power generation

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    Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world ~ Nelson Mandela


    We believe education is an infinite game, best played in teams. At the beginning of every engagement we think big, start small and use systems to learn fast. Learning is at the heart of our platform and is the alpha and omega of all our processes. It's built to facilitate learning about people, problems, process and valuable solutions.


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    I believe luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you hadn’t been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn’t have been lucky ~ Oprah Winfrey

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    The pursuit of beauty. The word is hard to articulate. As soon as you open your moth, it flies off, like a bird of paradise. Beauty can not be caught, but we are obliged to reach for it. Beauty is not neutral; pursuing it is a political act. Building is a grand act, a gesture toward peace, the opposite of destruction ~ Renzo Piano

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    Results equal Initiatives times Adoption squared ~ Ian Gotts

  • Our vision

    Economies of scale defined the last century. We believe economies of learning will define this one. 

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    Create a better future

    Redefining the relationship between people, our products and our planet.

    We see a better future, because we aim to create it collaboratively.

    We're Oxford AI and our mission is to redefine the relationship between, humans, machines and our world. Our purpose is to make progress probable, advancements achievable and breakthroughs believable.

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    Safety + Connection + Learning = Radical Innovation

    Sow, grow, flow.

    Created in Oxford – a the UK's deep learning and NLP hub – OXFORD AI launched with a unique vision: to democratize AI with a collaborative model for commercializing cutting-edge research.


    From the start, we’ve made AI accessible. AI that scales. And AI that can be trusted.


    This unique approach is a win-win amongst AI researchers who want to stay in academia as well as the companies whose data and challenges they wanted access to.


    Our network spans academia, startups, scale-ups and the biggest, most dynamic multi-nationals, government organizations and NGO's. The best product and service development processes usually start small and slow: sowing the idea in the minds of a small core team. If momentum is building we bring the right resources to stimulate effective growth. And as the product matures, our focus moves to reaching and maintaining flow.

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    Our future depends on what we do today

    Plan better. Do better. Check better. Learn better. 

    Throughout the ages, collaboration and the use of our collective intelligence have solved our toughest problems and led to our greatest advancements. We're with Margaret Mead:


    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.


    We also believe that we are facing new challenges of unprecedented complexity and severity, and that if we are to survive and truly thrive, we must master some new tools.


    With artifical intelligence we are transforming the way we learn — not just with each other, but with the machines that we make, enabling us to expand our collective intelligence.

    Now, human and machine — people and AI — are working together to achieve our most ambitious goals.

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    AI made real

    Things should be made as simple as possible—but no simpler. 

    Artificial intelligence is the most important technology of our age, but it is valuable only when it is applied in the real world – enhancing products, improving services and saving lives.


    To make AI real we help organisations work out what they could do with AI, and then help to do it. This requires three things: the right strategy, the right skills and the right software. We help with all three.

  • How we Work




    Innovate to understand your desired outcomes, define your Minimum Lovable Product and get ready to start your project.



    Design your solution and create your product backlog using the EVOLVED AI framework, establish governance and enable your team



    Use our platform to iteratively configure and test your application. Apply Scrum combined with our out of the box tools and best practices, built into the EVOLVED AI Platform, to achieve your outcomes.



    Get your application ready for Production, ready the business, transition to business as usual, analyze the application's performance and plan your next Minimum Lovable Product release.

  • Our foundation

    Oxford.ai was founded in 2017 by Seb, Omer and Sung. The business started out with the fellowship to train and transition PhD and postdoc scientists into professional data scientists. Fellows would work on eight-week real world projects with a range of companies. While collaborating with these companies we were asked to work on bigger and bigger projects, so we developed our services to deliver professional data science strategy, software and skills training. In 2019, recognising the need for bespoke software, we built the Evolved AI Platform to speed up AI deployment and increase the transparency and oversight over machine learning models.


    The Oxford AI Network now spans many of the world's most experienced AI and ML specialists, able to support any organisation to make AI real.

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    Seb Haigh


    Seb's first degree is in Computer Science with AI at the University of Leeds, where he was a Nuffield Scholar. Seb is a SAFe Program Consultant, Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner & Certified Pega Business Architect.


    Seb specializes in bringing valuable digital platforms to market sooner, safer and happier. He has led significant platform programmes in Vodafone, Formula One and UK MOD.

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    Omer Gunes

    Lead Fellow & Co-Founder

    Dr Omer Gunes is a Quill Junior Research Fellow in Computer Science at Pembroke College, University of Oxford. Omer has played a leading role on the ERC-funded DIADEM mega-project at the Oxford University's Computer Science Department.


    Omer specializes in advanced AI platform development, including significant contributions to the technology stacks of Onfido, Oxtractor, DeepZen, and Viacom Networks.

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    Sung Park

    Fellow & Co-Founder

    Sung has a MChem degree from Oxford University, specifying in computational crystallography, accurately modelling electron density cloud with big data & machine learning. With Seb, Sung was a founding member and Board member of Oxford Accelerator.


    Sung is now building a portfolio of AI-focussed businesses in Singapore, leveraging the Oxford AI Platform.

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    Abbas Kazmi

    Fellow & Co-Founder

    Abbas Kazmi FRSA is a multi-award-winning serial entrepreneur, investor and government advisor. Recognition and awards include Forbes 30Under30 Standout, Maserati100, Great British Entrepreneur Awards Entrepreneurs' Champions of the Year, StartupsUK’s Young Entrepreneurs of the Year and Business Growth Enablers of the Year.


    Ex-BlackRock working across EMEA and the US, Abbas co-founded both the Oxford Accelerator and Collegiate Capital, and is an Investment Committee member of, advisor to and LP investor in several VC funds in EMEA including BlackWood Ventures. He is now co-founder of the first impact VC firm between MENA, Israel and Palestine, following the Abraham Accords. Abbas has also been appointed a United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Fellow and World Economic Forum Global Shaper.

  • we're hiring!

    We always strive for the best.

    Engineering - Full Stack Engineer

    • Improving our backend infrastructure and database schema to help Oxford AI and clients better utilize company and fund data (including migrations, query profiling for performance indexes, logging, improving the reporting and job management system).
    • Writing additional ETLs to gather, structure, and normalize data from new and existing sources for our database.
    • Creating additional internal APIs to expose this data to front end applications.

    Deal Team - Deal & Research Analyst

    • Cultivate a network of subject matter experts. The analyst will maintain a set of “pick up the phone” relationships with the most influential people in space (e.g. university professors, executives at established companies, industry analysts, etc.)
    • Ad hoc research. Perform business and technology research on markets, companies, and themes that the firm is interested in.
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